Green hosting for WordPress by CoffeeSprout

What is green hosting?

Green hosting generally refers to both the energy efficiency of the datacenters as well as the use of renewable powersources to power these datacenters.
As well as offering customer hosting from green locations only, we take some additional steps to ensure our business is sustainable.

Our office

We limit the use of paper as much as possible, limiting ourselves to digital options where possible. We generally prefer to conduct business through email and handle our invoices online. Our office utilizes green power.

Our Dutch locations

We register our domain names through TransIP and use their virtualized servers as backups and as the basis for our VPS offerings. Their datacenter is known for being one of the most energy efficient and uses 100% green power. TransIP is also known for their open en honest business as well as generous donations to good causes.

We also host sites through energy efficient dedicated hardware at Softlayer BV, both locations are rated as green through Cleanbits.

Our Icelandic location

Our secondary location is hosted with Thor Datacenter in Iceland. Iceland is a perfect location for green hosting as almost 100% of all power on the island is from sustainable Wind and Geothermic power plants. Because cooling comes almost natural in a country like Iceland our servers are chilled by the cold air outside, further improving the efficiency of the datacenter and lowering our power usage.

Going the extra mile to save energy

While we prefer working with dedicated hardware as much as possible for performance reasons, we utilize energy efficient components where possible. Green harddrives, low voltage CPU’s and occasionally SSD’s which have better performance and lower energy usage.